Fuel it is recruiting an Engineer in Electronics!

//Fuel it is recruiting an Engineer in Electronics!
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Fuel it is recruiting an Engineer in Electronics!

The Fuel-it team is getting closer to the industrialization phase! We are looking for a top engineer to help us in our adventure.

Post & Missions?

As part of the development of our company, we are looking for an Engineer in electronics / computer for an internship in progress or end of study with CDI at the key.

Creation, design and development of an M2M gateway between a connected object and an internet box.
This mission will be broken down according to the following steps:

– Schema creation
– PCB routing
– Prototype editing
– Software development
– Validation and tests for the industrialization of the product

Required profile?

You are young, you have a taste for electronics and computers.
You justify a concrete professional experience or self-directed projects. You are dynamic and communicative.

  • Technical skills:

    -Engineer in electronics
    -Competence in digital microelectronics
    -Integrated software development on microcontroller (Microchip), control of systems on chip (SOC)
    -Good knowledge of C language
    -Protection card assembly
    -Security of the networks (encoding of the signals)

  • Other skills

    -Strong autonomy & rigor. Dynamic, curious & versatile.


If you answer instinctively in the affirmative to the following 3 questions, your application is welcome!

-Participate in the revolution of the IOT you passionate?
Inventing a service that has no equivalent in France or Europe seduces you?
-Enjoy the experience of 30-year-old entrepreneurs you are enthusiastic?

Contact us?

Contact us, send us your CV by email on contact@fuel-it.io

Download the job description

The job description is available below. Click on the image to download it.

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