Fuel it is hiring a passionate developer!

//Fuel it is hiring a passionate developer!
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Fuel it is hiring a passionate developer!

The Fuel-it team is embarking on the industrialization phase! We are looking for the rare pearl to boost the development of the project.

Post & Missions?

As part of the development of the company, we are looking for a Mastering Developer:

  • Web Platform (v2): HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP7
  • API development
  • Development of a mobile application (IOs / Android)

Working in the heart of a FabLab, you will be supported by a graphic designer & an engineer throughout the course.

Required profile?

You are young, you have a taste for development and you like to spend time in front of your computer.

You justify a concrete professional experience or self-directed projects.

You are dynamic and communicative.

You have relational and editorial qualities. Knowledge of the world of IoT is a real plus.


If you answer instinctively in the affirmative to the following 3 questions, your application is welcome!

  1. Participate in the revolution of IoT you passionate?
  2. Invent a service that has no equivalent in France or Europe seduces you?
  3. Do you benefit from the experience of 30-year-old entrepreneurs?

Contact us ?

Contact us, send us your CV by email on contact@fuel-it.io

Download the job description

The job description is available below. Click on the image to download it.

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