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Monthly News – May Summary

The month of May has ended, a short summary of this busy month: Fuel it was present at the VIVA technologies 2018 event We were present on the BFC digital stand during the 24-25-26 May, this event allowed us to meet many companies in different fields within our region as well as in France and [...]

2019-03-01T10:48:00+02:0001/03/2019|The Monthly Daily|

Fuel it obtains an Innovation Loan from the BPI

BPI has been supporting Fuel-it for more than a year. In August, she renewed her support for our adventure by granting us a major loan to finance our innovation. Following the presentation of our R&D project to several members of the BPI Bourgogne Franche Comté, Pierre Alain Truan, its director, delivered us a major [...]

2019-02-28T17:49:03+02:0028/02/2019|The Monthly Daily|

Monthly News – June

Hello everyone, We launch the monthly news on the evolution of the community within fuel-it. This article arrives with a new category on our blog, the category "community". We'll give you a summary of our articles of the month, the evolution of our community on social networks, as well as articles about us on [...]

2019-02-28T17:12:46+02:0028/02/2019|The Monthly Daily|
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