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Back to our first industrial series

The Fuel it sensor back on the first industrial series! The month of May is ending, we have deployed a hundred sensors in France and abroad! All sensors were distributed to professionals (70%) and individuals (30%). We look forward to the new series, delivery in September! In the meantime, we will strongly develop the [...]

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A new industrial series on a larger scale is launched!

C'est officiel, une nouvelle série industrielle Fuel it est lancée! Following the first feedback we received and the strong enthusiasm around the Fuel it connected sensor, we officially launched a new industrial series with our various suppliers. This new series will be made this time in plastic injection. A new stage for the Dijon start-up! [...]

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The level sensor has a new developer: Alex

A new recruit is joining the Fuel it team! Alex, a student at ESIREM, joined us in February to do his internship. He will be working full time on the development of the new Sigfox Gateway and on the improvement of the tank level sensor. Alex will be based in Dijon with the whole [...]

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Fuel it sensors are on sale!

It's official! The first Fuel it sensors are available!! The big day has arrived! This Monday, January 22, the first connected sensors Fuel it are on sale on our website: For all of you who are interested, we invite you to order yours quickly! Indeed we have many requests and a limited amount [...]

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