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How to install an fuel tank at home?

The installation of an oil tank must comply with the standards set by the decree of 1 July 2004. In particular, they concern the installation and commissioning of storage facilities for petroleum products such as fuel oil. Buried, in a room, outside: the installation of an oil tank can be carried out in [...]

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Fuel it is recruiting an Engineer in Electronics!

The Fuel-it team is getting closer to the industrialization phase! We are looking for a top engineer to help us in our adventure. Post & Missions? As part of the development of our company, we are looking for an Engineer in electronics / computer for an internship in progress [...]

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Fuel it is hiring a passionate developer!

The Fuel-it team is embarking on the industrialization phase! We are looking for the rare pearl to boost the development of the project. Post & Missions? As part of the development of the company, we are looking for a Mastering Developer: Web Platform (v2): HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP7 [...]

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Maintaining your oil boiler, how does it work?

The maintenance of a fuel boiler must be done once a year. These checks are essential for the proper functioning of your installation, ensure your safety and allow you to save energy. Fuel-it details the different steps to maintain the boiler. 1) Cleaning the heating body and the fireplace The oil boiler releases [...]

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Owner of a fuel tank ? 10 terms to remember

Many parts make up your oil tank, it is still necessary to know how they are called and what they serve. We will see together the technical terms that are good to know to better use and maintain your installation. 1) The police valve The police valve is used to stop the fuel [...]

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Fuel it laureate of the French IoT 2017 community

Fuel It is one of the 2017 laureates who will join the French IoT community! This community is one of the major pillars of the French IoT program. It now brings together 180 start-ups invested in all areas of connected life, including a connected level gauge for fuel tanks running Lora & Sigfox. By [...]

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Different gauges or fuel sensors

A fuel gauge is a measuring instrument to tell you how much fuel oil is available in your tank. There are different gauges more or less evolved. Here is a non-exhaustive list : 1) The graduated slat: This measuring instrument is currently the most used on the market. A simple graduated rule [...]

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How to simply reduce your fuel bill?

When the days cool off and the cold sets in, the heating bills tend to rise quickly. The cold often results in a significant expenditure of money for the households. If you use fuel oil, here are some ideas that will help you reduce your bill and therefore more calmly approach the bills that [...]

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