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Fuel it nominated twice in the agricultural world

Presented by the specialized distributor Beiser Environnement, the Fuel-it gauge received two awards at two major agricultural fairs: The Innov' Space Prize and the Gold Summit Prize. These two awards confirm the highly innovative nature of our solution, which attracts customers well beyond fuel distributors. Fuel-it is exhibiting a demonstrator at Smart Agri in [...]

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With the Sigfox station: no more network problems!

Fuel it allows you to compensate for the absence of a network thanks to the Micro Sigfox Station. This station allows you to create a local network via Ethernet or 3G key. Announced at the exhibition Connect in Berlin (Germany) in October 2018, Sigfox has revealed the launch of its Micro station. Cover... where you [...]

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Fuel it laureate of the French IoT 2017 community

Fuel It is one of the 2017 laureates who will join the French IoT community! This community is one of the major pillars of the French IoT program. It now brings together 180 start-ups invested in all areas of connected life, including a connected level gauge for fuel tanks running Lora & Sigfox. By [...]

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How to simply reduce your fuel bill?

When the days cool off and the cold sets in, the heating bills tend to rise quickly. The cold often results in a significant expenditure of money for the households. If you use fuel oil, here are some ideas that will help you reduce your bill and therefore more calmly approach the bills that [...]

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Different gauges or fuel sensors

A fuel gauge is a measuring instrument to tell you how much fuel oil is available in your tank. There are different gauges more or less evolved. Here is a non-exhaustive list : 1) The graduated slat: This measuring instrument is currently the most used on the market. A simple graduated rule [...]

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