• 245€ HT - 2 years subscription included

    At the end of the 2 years, subscription €2 HT /month or 24€ HT/year, subscription fees are to be renewed annually and payable at each anniversary date.

    A smart sensor designed for any type of tank that allows:

    - To inform you in real time of the level of your fuel - Alert you before you run out of fuel - Prevent you from theft or leakage of fuel oil - Find out about the lowest fuel prices in your region. The sensor is easily installed on all fuel tanks thanks to its 3 threads.

    Please check your network coverage before ordering the product !

  • 600€ HT - without subscription

    - The Sigfox station

    Coverage ..... Where you need it Discreet with integrated antenna and sleek design, Sigfox Access Station Micro can be installed at the customer's premises: hidden or exposed, inside or outside, in an attic or underground, in a warehouse, a building, a store, a farm or an office... With its waterproof cover, the Access Station Micro is dust and waterproof (IP65). Cover...... Made easy With its compact size and built-in antenna, the Sigfox Access Station Micro can be easily installed in minutes without professional assistance. Accessories are included in the box to start using the Access Station Micro immediately.  Sigfox Access Station Micro connects to the Sigfox Cloud via the existing LAN infrastructure and via Ethernet, but it also has the ability to use cellular networks for fast and versatile use facilities. Cover... Affordable Sigfox Access Station Micro addresses the challenges of affordable coverage densification by keeping the ROI of your IoT deployment and solution operations low. Designed with great sensitivity, it can cover an entire building and process up to 70,000 frames per day. With extremely low power consumption, the Access Station Micro is compatible with the deployment of smart solar panels allowing untapped application connectivity where no power source is available.  

    Please check your network coverage before ordering the product !

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