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Monthly news – July summary

The monthly news continues! Here are our best advances for the month of July: Human Resources Level Let's start with the most important event of the month, the arrival of Capucine in the team! Thanks to his many talents in the field of graphics, Fuel it has taken [...]


Owner of an oil tank? The 10 terms to remember

Many parts make up your fuel tank, but you still need to know what they are called and what they are used for. We will see together the technical terms that are good to know in order to better use and maintain your installation. 1) The police valve The police valve is used [...]


Monthly news – August summary

August was another busy month for our team! Here is a summary of our progress over the past month. Our general evolution Membership in the SIGFOX partner network We are joining the SIGFOX partners, which will allow our company to open up to international markets. Thanks to our [...]


Maintaining your oil boiler, how does it work?

The maintenance of an oil boiler must be carried out once a year. These checks are essential for the proper functioning of your installation, to ensure your safety and to allow you to save energy. Fuel-it details the different steps to maintain the boiler. 1) Cleaning the heating element and the fireplace The [...]


Fuel-it wins 1st IoT prize in the OPEN4STARTUP competition

The connected gauge wins a competition at Chalon We are very pleased to announce Fuel-it's victory in the OPEN4STARTUP competition organized by Nicéphore cité Chalon in the IoT & manufacturing category. Thanks to this victory, Nicéphore cité Chalon offers us accommodation in the heart of an innovative business incubator for one year as well [...]


Monthly news – September summary

It's back to school! And Fuel it is off to a great start in the school year! The first pre-series has passed and we are working hard to satisfy you as soon as possible. The most important news this month is of course our victory in the Open4StartUp competition organized by Nicéphore Cité ! [...]


How do I install an oil tank in my home?

The installation of an oil tank must comply with the standards set by the decree of 1 July 2004, in particular concerning the installation and commissioning of storage facilities for petroleum products such as fuel oil. Buried, in a room, outdoors: the installation of an oil tank can be carried out in different [...]


The right things to know if your oil tank leaks

If your tank starts to leak, you must react quickly to minimize environmental risks and the loss of money. What if your Fuel-it sensor indicates a leak? Who to contact? How to fix the problem? Who to contact if my Fuel-it sensor indicates a leak? If your [...]


Moving with the Fablab

FabLab makes a new start and moves to larger premises, located at 2 rue des Corroyeurs in Dijon. The Fuel-it team is also moving with our friends from Kelle frabrik. You can now meet us at La Maison des Associations in Dijon. Before After [...]


A feminine touch is added to the FUEL-IT team

A new recruit is joining the team! Capucine, student at the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes...... joins us for her final internship as part of her Master's degree in Global Design. She will be in charge of the company's graphic charters, communication, visuals, packaging etc. on a full-time basis at the heart of [...]

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