With the Sigfox station: no more network problems!

Fuel it allows you to compensate for the absence of a network thanks to the Micro Sigfox Station. This station allows you to create a local network via Ethernet or 3G key. Announced at the exhibition Connect in Berlin (Germany) in October 2018, Sigfox has revealed the launch of its Micro station. Cover... where you [...]


A feminine touch is added to the FUEL-IT team

A new recruit is joining the team! Capucine, student at the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes...... joins us for her final internship as part of her Master's degree in Global Design. She will be in charge of the company's graphic charters, communication, visuals, packaging etc. on a full-time basis at the heart of [...]


Fuel it brochure available

You dreamed of being able to distribute a brochure of the services provided by Fuel it. US too ! :) We chose to print our brochure in A5 double-sided format. You can download the brochure by clicking on this sentence! :)


Fuel it laureate of the French IoT 2017 community

Fuel It is one of the 2017 laureates who will join the French IoT community! This community is one of the major pillars of the French IoT program. It now brings together 180 start-ups invested in all areas of connected life, including a connected level gauge for fuel tanks running Lora & Sigfox. By [...]


First two manufactured PCBs

After developing our plans, listing and purchasing the components and assembling the necessary hardware, we are testing our PCB. And you know what ? It works ! Small note for the uninitiated, a PCB (English printed circuit board) means printed circuit board. It allows to hold and connect all the components of our sensor [...]


Monthly News – June

Hello everyone, We launch the monthly news on the evolution of the community within fuel-it. This article arrives with a new category on our blog, the category "community". We'll give you a summary of our articles of the month, the evolution of our community on social networks, as well as articles about us on [...]


Obtaining a subvention from Ardie

Burgundy is developing the economy and innovation in its region. The Ardie has made the excellent choice to trust our start-up. It accompanies the investment and innovation projects of its customers (company, group of companies, territory) part of the Regional Strategy for Economic Development and Innovation for a "smart specialization". We are lucky to [...]


Serial 3D printing of our sensors begins

 More than 20 happy lucky people have decided to preview our Fuel-it sensor. We are printing the sensors to meet this demand. To print the sensors, we used a spiderBot. However, the latter not being fully operational, we had to make many repairs. After unlocking the thread stuck in the nozzle, set the gears and [...]


First functional product!

One year after the first team meeting on the project, Fuel-it is proud to announce its first 100% operational sensor !! This third version of the product communicates with our servers and is screwed on most existing fuel tanks. After the last finishes, the third version of the level sensor will [...]

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