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Monthly News – January Summary

January is over, it's time to take stock of the beginning of the year! The first industrial series ready for delivery Here is the most important news of this month: the realization of the first 100 sensors. The first sensors accompanied by their packaging, ready to be shipped to professionals and individuals. These first [...]

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Fuel it sensors are on sale!

It's official! The first Fuel it sensors are available!! The big day has arrived! This Monday, January 22, the first connected sensors Fuel it are on sale on our website: For all of you who are interested, we invite you to order yours quickly! Indeed we have many requests and a limited amount [...]

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The realization of Fuel it packagings

One more step towards the delivery of the sensors Fuel it, the realization of the packagings is in progress. We were lucky to be able to go to the manufacturing site to attend the first steps of the manufacturing process! Here are some photos taken the day of their realization: [...]

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