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Monthly News – October recap

It's winter .... brrrr! Do not worry, we are here! A busy month for Fuel-it! Here is the summary of our progress of the month of October. The most important news this month is of course our French Tech award! Good reading :) Two developers for the Fuel-it app [...]

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Obtaining the French Tech Award !

The French Tech grant is one of the mechanisms set up by BPI France to support innovation in France. Launched in 2014 following one of the measures in the "A new deal for innovation" plan, the French Tech grant helps support the creation and development phase of innovative companies. After having established an important [...]

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Fuel it is recruiting an Engineer in Electronics!

The Fuel-it team is getting closer to the industrialization phase! We are looking for a top engineer to help us in our adventure. Post & Missions? As part of the development of our company, we are looking for an Engineer in electronics / computer for an internship in progress [...]

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