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Monthly News – June

Hello everyone, We launch the monthly news on the evolution of the community within fuel-it. This article arrives with a new category on our blog, the category "community". We'll give you a summary of our articles of the month, the evolution of our community on social networks, as well as articles about us on [...]

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Serial 3D printing of our sensors begins

 More than 20 happy lucky people have decided to preview our Fuel-it sensor. We are printing the sensors to meet this demand. To print the sensors, we used a spiderBot. However, the latter not being fully operational, we had to make many repairs. After unlocking the thread stuck in the nozzle, set the gears and [...]

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Welding and finishing of LoRa & Sigfox electronic boards

Welding workshop at FABLAB today. We received our antennas and our transducers yesterday, so we start installing them on our electronic circuits. Antoine learned how to weld precisely and efficiently. The result is perfect, thanks to his teacher François. What are the antennas and transducers for? Antennas are essential [...]

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The test lab finally operational

Now that we are installed in the fablab, we have brought back two tanks and a pool pump in order to carry out our tests. We started by filling one of the water tanks and then transferring the water from one tank to another through the pump, directly into our new laboratory. It was [...]

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Fuel-it is still growing!

Our team continues to grow with the fresh arrival of Antoine. As part of his "Bachelor Marketing & Business" course at the Burgundy School of Business (ESC Dijon), Antoine will complete his 3-month internship within our team. He will work full time in the Fablab to help François develop Fuel-it. "Being in an internship [...]

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